Ingredients for The Concoction of Happiness

put ‘anger’ , ‘loathing’ and ‘envy’ into the mortal and pestle it well.

set a pint of ‘consciousness’ in a large container of ‘affirmation’ and put it to boil on high flame till the vapours of ‘remorse’ and ‘hate’ evaporate and what you’re left with is clear ‘gratitude’.

strain the remains of ‘doubt’ and then add a pinch of ‘self-love’.

next , top it up with ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ plucked fresh from the garden of universe.

the perfect concoction of ‘happiness’ and ‘mirth’ is ready!

© Wordpolitics.

14 thoughts on “Ingredients for The Concoction of Happiness

  1. Ha I have a similar poem with similar ingredients but the recipe is for control. Isn’t that funny? Following


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