Her only fault was she trusted the so called “humans”.

It fills me with nothing but disgust when I see the face of humanity around.
Are we even fit to be called humans anymore?
The very same proud creatures who called themselves human based on their ability to reason have been reduced to no more than what the famous writer Jonathan Swift once called;

“pernicious race of little
odiois vermin that nature
ever suffered to crawl upon
the surface of the earth”.

Evidences to prove the barbarism of humanity has been writ everyday on the papers since times immemorial.
However what I read today has shattered the very basis of my existence.
A pregnant elephant who had been caught in stagnant water for days breathed her last today.
The life forming in her womb ended along with her.
You must be thinking why the death of an elephant caught in a flood fills me with such rage. .
The reason for her death will for sure writhe your heart too.
The poor and helpless life had been caught there for three days and hence was hungry as she was with a featus.
She must’ve felt delighted when she saw traces of humans at a distance.
Hoping that they’ve come to her rescue her heart must’ve exulted.
However little did she know the true nature veiled behind the mask of “humanity”.
She was fed on pineapples stuffed with firecrackers which she devoured taking it as an act of compassion and empathy which however served too fatal for her.
What was her fault to deserve such cruelty?
How could a man stoop so low as to impose such acts of brutality on a voiceless life?
Didn’t that person at once feel a prick of conscience?
There are innumerable questions which rise in our minds when we see such acts of monstrosity.
The answers we get are almost none.
Can a mere penalty of a few thousand bucks or a year or two in prison compensate to this loss of life?
However it is a question to ponder on.
We don’t deserve to be called humans until we are able to win over our animalistic drives.

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47 thoughts on “Her only fault was she trusted the so called “humans”.

  1. I think about this all the time. Not the elephant example of course, but how vile humans are and have likely always been. I wish there was another planet to move to.

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  2. Such demons in the gard of men should be identified and punished. They should be socially boycotted. But the unfortunate part of our system is that they go scot free in most of the cases.

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  3. Elephants never hurt humans,they are all considered a sign of good luck.my mother used to tell me if you saw an elephant then your day will be amazing and lucky.bt still this is happening to them,I feel so sad from the depth of my heart.what else worse than this is left to see?

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  4. Man drinks on his own wickedness. It is the fire water for his own rebellious conceit. He imagines himself a god but deep down knows he is not and never will be. As a result, he is consumed with his rage, his wily thoughts, and his cold perversions. He acts out like a disfigured wannabe god by exercising his “control” or his “power” over whatever happens to be weak before his eyes, because that is as close as he can get to a perverted semblance of divinity. In fact, when he acts this way, he just lowers himself that much more from the divine power and authority he presumes to exercise, and he demonstrates his underlying sick and perverse nature. The only good sign is that this story has touched the conscience of some people, and that in itself means there are still good souls left among the travesty that is mankind.

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  5. For some the act is a fun. They are not educated enough to understand the repercussions of playing with animals and why they should not indulge in such act. Who can make me understand if I am not willing.

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  6. Hey listen!
    I’m not here for some lugubrious drollery right.
    The poor thing ‘was’ fed the pineapple stuffed with explosives.
    And ok if for a second I believe you that twas done to scare the vermin’s, but I don’t think they were blinded as to not see the elephant caught there.
    What reason is that now?


  7. And I never once pin pointed on the localites there . I am talking about humanity on a whole spectrum so chill.
    You are not qualified to condemn what I write. I haven’t given you that right .
    You don’t agree with it then just stay mum .Simple.


      1. I feel stupid 😕
        Not that I’m tryna explain myself but must’ve been mad over something else and I exploded here.
        God! How embarrassing.
        However yes I wasn’t quite the apologizing person 🤔 I’m glad I did it.
        The lockdown’s done some good on me.

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  8. So sad Upashna ! I am heavy hearted reading this. And we are the most intelligent beings on the planet ? I think not!


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