A lot can happen over coffee!


How my heart leaps

And I see me there.

Seated next to the window

The aroma of brewed coffee fills the air.

I peek out the window

And there my gaze rests.

A bare tree in the distant

What more worthy could be a stare?

The rain spills,

My hands embrace the cup.

Suddenly the thought of you possess my mind

Sauntering down the stairs.

I hope to steal a glance

As I sip the concoction black.

Β© Wordpolitics

27 thoughts on “A lot can happen over coffee!

  1. A completely different take on imagery. This is a wonderful example of how almost anything inspires an poet and believe me, it does. Love your art of stringing words into glorious poems. I’m telling you, I’m taking back so much from reading this blog, and one of them is simplicity over all the worthless accessories our poems wear that mask the actual essence. Kudos to you for that. LoveπŸ’›

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      1. For someone who’s just ‘trying her hands’ on poetry, you are a natural! So much for your humility. So glad to have had this conversation. Peace to you. Have a wonderful week. Take care!

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