The pathway is through an orb of blinding light.
Strange! My feet don’t touch the ground but glides through the ethereal Realm.
Before I collect my sight,
I find me lying on the shore
With no piece of drape.
Specks of light vaporising from my skin,
melting into the sweet night.
The moon pours her light,
bathes me in a luminous glaze.
Fair maidens with gauzy wings,
encircle chanting prayers.
The nymphs come flitting by and
adorns me with a wisteria crown-chaste.
Harmonious melody flowing from
Orpheus’ lyre ballads in the air.
There comes her deity,
the pale faced Styx.
Gently, she caressess by skin,
a gaze loving to the eyes.
She wounds her sparkling train around,
takes me in her care.
Rocks me in her lap,
lulls me to a stare.
Harmonious melody flowing from
Orpheus’ lyre ballads in the air.
She then draws back
from whence she came
me cradled in her wave.
Thus ferries me to the other side,
the side I know not where.

Β© Wordpolitics

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22 thoughts on “Styx

  1. This is beautiful.

    I love your description of arriving at the River Styx (it is an eloquent description of Greek mythology expressed so sublimely).

    And it’s true- we know not where lies on the other side of that river.


  2. In one of your other poems I noticed a typo. I understand you are an intelligent person and you’ve possibly studied poetry at some point, but there are several grammar, or verb conjugation mistakes in this poem. I like your style, which is unusual for the poetry I read here but grammar mistakes detract from content. Don’t take me wrong, you’re better than 98% of the people on wordpress. That’s why I’m saying something.


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