It’s okay if you’re not okay sometimes!

You wake up
Head hammered
Under the weight of the night
Wasted in self loathing.
Slog yourself to the day
Your face in the mirror
Dull, tired and bloated.
You nibble on the slice of bread
And down it with a glass of juice.
Your tongue still tastes bitter.
You can sense it coming to possess you – something dark , nauseating and unwanted.

You rise up and dress yourself for work.
Dab some colours to silent the exhaustion your face screams.
Go out to face the world,
Meet some dozen faces
Put up a false show.
The faceless energy still lingers an arms distance wriggling its slimy tentacles to reach you.

You engage with the people
Trying hard to distract your mind.
Your limbs go numb.
The more you resist the more it grips you from the leg upward.

You run to the restroom with uneven steps
You feel choked on your own breath.
Detachment from reality seeps in,
You flounder.

Drop the mask!
It’s okay if you’re not okay sometimes.

39 thoughts on “It’s okay if you’re not okay sometimes!

  1. Excellent description of the process of denying and resisting depression. Society wants to only hear “I’m fine” it is the true friend who asks how you really feel and will support you when the answer is the truth.

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  2. Even if we live all of our lives happily and with everything we ever want. Still there will come a day when we will think “what it feels to be sad”. Everything has it’s own beauty, may it be the blossom of the flower or a dying leaf.

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  3. Awesome!! Good job dealing with a very real social issue. Many people are afraid of non-virtual, real human contact with another person; my daughter and most of her friends included.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you read and it resonated. I’m sure when your daughter grows up she’ll learn to deal with it. Do give her my regards and best wishes.


  4. A very true title, with very relatable words following it. It is how I feel a bit at the moment, knowing the right choices to make but not making them. Feeling trapped in a cycle which I need to change.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊


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