Stardust and magic

He sprinkled stardust, moonshine and magical things in the rustic decanter
and filled my cup.
I, like an ignorant child
lulled by the bling of the fairy lights
lost in his eyes
sipped the red.
As the wine played it’s magic
he appeared more enigmatic
as I lay there, eyes rolled
ready for the sweet surrender.
His fingers worked through my body
each stroke like soft breeze
carrying April showers.
He held me close
like a thing divine
searching for the rings of Saturn
within my eyes.
The dulcet flow of his voice
close to my ear, seeped through my skin
tingling my bones.
Love or lust?
Don’t wanna call it either and set parameters.
For this,
A cosmic union
When he enters my soul.

ยฉ Wordpolitics

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