Stretch marks!

Like the beautiful pattern woven by nature on the crevices of the wall.

White lines run against the background of wheatish skin adorning my breasts,

Step leader embossed by Zeus.

A tawny lotus blossoms

Just above my pubes

A memoir of the life, behind it witnessed grew.

To you it must be offing

To see them on my calves

For you fancy silky skin

Not a dappled one with scars.

I do not paint em with colours

To hide them under layers

But just let it be!

I am more than the body

More than what you see.

© Wordpolitics

42 thoughts on “Stretch marks!

  1. Amazing! I love the topic and the execution of the poem. I’ve never understood society’s obsession with skin of 10 year-olds. A woman will have a pattern and a history that makes her more valuable and more beautiful!

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  2. Beautiful, as always… and deeply true.

    I have lots of spare bodies… like spare IDs… passport “me”s…
    which I visit to try out other versions… other pieces of me,
    when this one is just a bit too frazzled and worn-out to hold all of the me that lives here behind these eyes…
    hoping that those who catch me face-to-face will see the light behind,
    and know what they’re hugging.

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