On Friendship Day.

I miss her
A little more today
As the empty chair
Sitting opposite me
Stares at me
Contemplating what could
Or rather should be.
Almost a decade
Has silently passed by
And not a word from her
No news,
No sight,
The only assurance
Of her existence
Is no news of death.
I wonder
When I’ll see her again
Or if I ever will.
Does she look the same
Or is that familiarity
Buried under the fine lines
Of time,
Does she carry the same weight
Which she once did
The delicate, fragile frame
Prancing around
In bubble and glee?
The boy on the guitar
Strums an old song
On friendship.
I miss her more.
I miss her laughter,
Her fears,
Her arrogance
Whenever she passed by men
She was beautiful
And she was well aware.
I miss our moments
The endless chats
Back then,
We were both
In love with Chris,
Christopher Maurice Brown.
We made sure
To memorize the lyrics
And rejoiced singing
In duo.
I remember
How she cherished
And preserved
The rough sketches
Of animé
I made it for her.
She had them pasted
In her bedroom wall.
Does she still preserve them
Or has it been ripped
Long ago
Shredded into pieces
Blown into dust?
She was more
Then just a friend.
She was my strength
My confidante
And by guardian too,
She took care of me.
I don’t remember
The time, day, date
Or the occasion
When we fell apart.
I don’t blame her solely
It was my presumptions,
My pride, my female ego.
The last time
I heard of her
Was that she had married
Settled down.
I try to picture her
In the garb of marriage,
Taking household,
Taking responsibilities,
I smile!
Does she have kids,
Do they look like her?
Does she think of me
Whenever she’s burdened
Under a load of conformities
And is looking for someone
To talk to?
Maybe she does
Or maybe she doesn’t!
Maybe I am
Still vivid in her memories
Or maybe I’m lying
In her distant past
Rusted and damp!


Picture credit – Pinterest

24 thoughts on “On Friendship Day.

  1. When you write more?
    1. Feeling over-excited or
    2. Feeling sad

    I’m kind of an emotional person. Whenever my thoughts starts overflowing or exploding, I search for clean paper to fill up each small space on it.


  2. Lovely. You described the feeling of not seeing a friend for a long time, so well. I think, everyone gets busy in their lives once they get a job and are married. Happy Friendship Day to you too.


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