‘The Woods of Delirium’ OUT NOW!

Someone once gifted me a book by Margaret Atwood, with a note signed
“For Upashna, who should write a book of her own!”
This book is for you.

I’ve read many book release announcements, with lines overflowing with overwhelming joy (why not, since you’ve birthed it). However, now that the moment has come for me, I feel a rush of every emotion but excitement. I feel more vulnerable, like my mind is stripped naked and left bare for every person to see. I don’t now whether I should or shouldn’t be feeling this, if this is the projection of my deepest fear of being ‘read’ or if I’m being too self-critical, I don’t want to ponder over it.

Had it not been my anxiety and other close maladies, I wouldn’t have written this book!
My sincerest gratitude to all those who believed in me and inspired me to write in their own little ways.

The paperback for The Woods of Delirium, is available for purchase online, the link to which is given below:


For my friends out of India you can purchase a copy on
Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

The e-book for which will be available after a week or two on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple Books.

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