Sleeping Alone

I wake up at 2:40
In the morning
And I think of you
I picture you
On your king-size bed
Cribbed like an infant
With your dogs
Or your thoughts
Sleeping next to you.
The television must be on
As that’s how you like it
With Chandler spilling his sarcasm
Or Monica obsessing over tidiness
You say you like your space
But sometimes, im sure
When you turn towards the left
In one of your sweet slumbers
And your arms fall hopelessly
On the empty sheets
You do taste some bitterness.


Moonlit Shower

wrapped in the lies of the deluded world
soiled, her body lay afloat
drenched in the moonlight shower.
she always loved the moon
the moon loved her too!
it sang to her melodies in forlorn nights
which shrouded all her weariness.
this frivolous mind seem to find no peace
a riddle is what I’ve been written into
with time.
the only thing my ‘self’ instructs
is to escape-
escape from the people,places, situations
and even my mind- which I doubt is mine anymore.
the voices in her head grew too loud,
loud enough to belittle the bellowing wind and the prattling rain.
she walked one sultry night,lured by the sweet touch of the soft breeze- a messanger of the dame who dwells in the dark pool placid and blue.
she drew careless steps

her lady has watched her bud, bloom, wilt and wither.
the water slapped her feet,
she surrendered, walking her way through the sparkling mist that enveloped the lonely lake.
with every step she moved a step close to her
till finally she unburdened the load in her head, stowed it in a pool of tears and let it sink to the bottom of the blue.
she looked at the moon and her lips parted for a final goodbye.
wrapped in the lies of the deluded world
soiled, her body lay afloat
drenched in the moonlight shower.


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A cold night,

the weeping willows.

The fireflies,

the lake that’s shallow.

The old tree that’s glaring up,

yearning for his mistress love.

The soft breeze that whistle’s low,

the dancing leaves footing slow.

In the fade the hooting owl,

sings the chorus gathered hounds.

My soul there sits observing these,

I close my eyes Eternal Bliss.